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Zinsser Undercoats & Primers

Zinsser Undercoats & Primers

Easy to apply and fuss free. This extensive range of Zinsser undercoats and Zinsser primers has been specially designed to make decorating tasks easier. Tackling mildew stains, water damaged surfaces, nicotine stained walls, Zinsser is the product to buy.

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Zinsser Primers and Undercoats

When decorating, it is highly likely that you will be faced with a few problems. One of the most problematic tasks is removing wallpaper and revealing the walls beneath which might not be in the condition that you want. Luckily, Zinsser knows this and has produced an extensive range of products which are specially designed to target any problem that you might come across.

Whether the problem is unsightly mildew stains, water damaged surfaces, nicotine stained walls or just uneven, lumpy walls, the extensive range of Zinsser primers, paints and undercoats will provide the solution.

Designed to be easy to apply and fuss-free, Zinsser products are the best choice every time.