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Thermal Wallpaper

What is Insulating Wallpaper ?

When you want to install an effective layer of insulation in your home, save money on your heating bills and reduce your carbon footprint, using a thermally insulating lining paper is the way to go. Decorating with an insulating lining paper is a practical and low cost way of insulating your interior walls and ceilings, and ensuring that your home stays cosy and warm. All of our Insulating wallpapers can be used successfully on solid walls as well as modern wall construction and many of them  also offer other great benefits such as sound insulation and damp and mould resistance.

Choose from 6 Types of Insulating Wallpaper

At GoWallpaper we offer not one, but six different thermally insulating lining papers for you to choose from including Wallrock Thermal Liner, Graphite Insulating Lining Paper and Polystyrene Veneer. To help you choose the right thermal wallpaper for your home they are listed in the further information section in order of effectiveness, along with their price per square metre.

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Wallrock Thermal Liner Multi-Pack Offers

Bills £150 Cheaper

The process of Wallrock insulating all outward-facing walls in my gable end terrace house was completed without any problems. The whole concept of Wallrock is excellent. Use the specified adhesive on the inner wall (no special preparation required). Apply the Wallrock; adhesive on the Wallrock, and the top quality covering paper goes on faultlessly. A better-looking finished wall than any plasterer could hope to achieve. As many owners of older end terrace houses will probably know, NO Government help is available - unlike that which is so widely publicised for cavity wall construction insulation. Does Wallrock work? I can be quite specific on this; I am on a two year fixed tariff for Gas and Electric. My annual account has just been received and I am over £150 in credit. My central heating boiler failed several years ago. Using economical flue-less gas fires (no emissions ever into the house), a well-insulated immersion heater, very occasionally electric fan heaters, AND Wallrock insulation, I can see no reason whatsoever to go to the expense and disturbance of installing central heating. If anything, my home is now often a bit TOO warm no matter how cold it may be outside. Grateful thanks to GoWallpaper for their advice, service, delivery and fair pricing. I think it would be just plain daft for anyone to shop elsewhere. Sincerely, Derek Weston.

Wallrock Thermal Liner Multi-Pack Offers

Tony Sharman

Haven't tried the product yet but just wanted to say that so far I think that your website is excellent, your live chat is more efficient, quicker and more direct than any I have used before and your order/delivery service was superb.

Wallrock Thermal Liner Multi-Pack Offers

Blooming Brilliant

A bit sceptical that it would be as efficient as advertised ---- but it is blooming brilliant. We have been able to turn the heat down and will certainly recommend it. Also excellent service and free advice from Go wallpaper.

Saarpor Graphite Insulating Lining Paper Single

Ok... But....

Hi there. Bought a few rolls of this as it was cheaper. It has made the walls warmer to touch & should in theory reduce condensation / damp (I hope) However, i would say this paper, being made from a polystyrene is very awkward to put up. I had a professional painter & decorator do it. The stuff is not flexible, cracks when laying & leaves indentations, marks. In retrospect, wish id payed more for a "Woven" flexible paper. It the meantime, this stuff does the job, but you pay for what you get. And sadly the finish does not look that great. Delivered on time.

Wallrock Thermal Liner Multi-Pack Offers

Excellent Service & Product

Excellent service, excellent product, would most certainly buy from you guys again. And would recommend your products to friends and family too.

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