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Whichever room you want to transform, we have wallpapers and murals that will create the atmosphere you want to achieve. In our contemporary wallpaper category you’ll find modern and classic florals, stripes, feathers, retro designs and a whole host of other sumptuous wallpapers that will bring your rooms to life effortlessly.

We also offer a large range of quality children’s wallpapers and murals for you to choose from, allowing you to create that perfect child’s bedroom through all age ranges – birth to teens.

Plus don’t forget to take a look at our large range of paintable textured wallpapers, our eco wallpapers and blown vinyls.

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Anaglypta Luxury Textured Vinyl Wallpaper - Marble RD974


A really excellent service from beginning to end. The quality of your photos of the papers you have made it possible to choose. Delivery with Parcel Force provided up to the minute knowledge of where the papers were. The papers themselves confirmed everything I had assumed from the photos on your website. Briliant!!!

Anaglypta Dado Panel Wallpaper - Baroque RD6671

Dado Baroque

Great paper, not put it up yet but very pleased with the paper, looks very luxurious and delivery was fast and i was kept up to date with the drivers progress en route to me, no issues at all x

Wallrock Fibreliner Plus 180 - 100 Double


The third time of ordering products from you and not surprised to receive exceptional customer service. Next day delivery and well packaged. I have been insulating each room as we decorate and the difference these products make to a one hundred year old solid wall construction is exceptional. Warm up time is noticeably quicker and retains warmth. The performance justifies the expenditure for me and is well worth the effort. Like the professional sized rolls even though can be tricky to handle in fiddly places. Thank you once again for exceptional customer service. Will be back for next room.

Fine Decor Slate Wallpaper in Natural Stone - FD31292

Love It

Love this wallpaper excellent service thank you will definitely use again

Wallrock Fibreliner 150 - 75 Double

Most Impressed

Most impressed not only with Go Wallpaper but exstremely impressed by the delivery service and tracking process. Will definately recommend Go Wallpaper to friends and family. Many thanks

Anaglypta Pro Wallpaper - Weave RD80098

Fast Delivery

I would just like to say thank you for your excellent service. I received my order within 24 hours and the communications and sales staff were excellent.I shall be recommending!

Fine Decor Rustic Brick Wallpaper in Red Terracotta - FD31285


Excellent nothing more to say except I will be a returning customer and have given your web site to all friends Many thanks .

Anaglypta Pro Wallpaper - Stucco RD80100

Just What I Wanted

I did not want flat painted walls but also did not want the more traditional anaglypta patterns, this fit the bill exactly. I have it in the hall, dining room and lounge and it looks great. It has been done just over 1 year and I am still delighted with it. Service from Go Wallpaper was first class.

Anaglypta Luxury Textured Vinyl Wallpaper - Early Victorian RD01600

Very Impressed

After having ordered the paper from a competitor (wsyfair) on the Tuesday at approx £1 cheaper per roll which they assured me would be delivered in time for my decorator coming the following Monday they called me on the Thursday to day they were out of stock... After an initial panic I looked on line and found gowallpaper stocked the product do I thought I would call them to see if I could get it on time. Andrew answered my call in a very chirpy positive manner which made me feel more positive straight away. I explained the situation. Andrew asked which product it was, I described it and he know the code off the top if his head which I thought was great. I needed 17 rolls so Andrew went to check the stock if which he only had 13 rolls. He still advised that I should order online and pick up Saturday delivery and assured me that the full order would be with me, and it certainly was! In all I was very impressed with the service I received and was happy to pay the extra for the paper

Muriva Live Laugh Love Wallpaper in Red - 131503

Amazing Service


Anaglypta Luxury Textured Vinyl Wallpaper - Egon RD80029

Great Quality Service And Product

Bought the paper for my ceiling and it gives it a great look which fits in well with the age of the property (Victorian terrace) and many thanks to Andy for the knowledgeable and friendly service

Wallrock Premium 200 - 75 Double

Highly Recommended

I had never done any wallpapering before and wanted to avoid traditional lining papers and dealing with overlaps and shrinkage. I chose wallrock premium from the three samples I ordered, which has a very smooth and hard surface - it takes paint but doesn't fluff up afterwards as some paper will. Get some samples and try your paint on them to see what happens. The recommended paste went a long way for me, more than the tub advised - using too much paste leads to a lumpy final surface so go easy on that, make sure it's even as well. Absorbent walls will need sealing and even then they'll suck the paste dry so be ready to apply it twice just before papering. My tips for successful application: > cut into drops on the table with ~10cm overlap at each end, much easier to handle than trying to run it straight off the roll onto the wall, despite what is recommended. > of course use a plumbline (or level) to establish the first vertical, don't rely on a wall corner being straight. > Overlap internal corners and cut the paper flush, doesn't have to be perfect. When you've done the other wall into the corner, caulk down the join and it will be perfect. > For external corners, the paper is too stiff to wrap around neatly so I found the best way was to stick it on one wall and leave to dry fully, then the next day soften the overhanging paper with a wet sponge, on both sides, around where the bend will be. Leave it to penetrate well. Then fold it around and paste to the other wall. Keep the paper wet on the bend while the paste dries. For short sections you may have to pin it somehow as it will want to spring back off. You will still get some bubbles on the ridge of the corner if the wall isn't straight. Overall this is fantastic stuff and the result, even on what looks like quite a damaged wall, is indistinguishable from fresh plaster, except for the price which is really about 1/3 or 1/5 the cost of skimming, and much less trouble. Butted joints are invisible under paint or can be filled if required (no need usually). Highly recommended, have used in several rooms and even on a ceiling - tricky but doable.

Galerie Retro Comic Strip Wallpaper in Black, White and Red - 422-1


Very good, easy to apply, however slightly different colour than the image.

Anaglypta Supaglypta Wallpaper - Spencer RD0151

Very Competitive And Delivery Is Very Fast

I have ordered from yourselves on 2 occasions. Your website is very easy to use, your prices very competitive and delivery is very fast. As an example I ordered Anaglypta samples from yourselves and wallpaper direct. Yours arrived next day and was test painted, dry and our order was placed and delivered 2 days before the samples arrived from the competition. Enough said... In addition you were cheaper, too. As good as it gets!

Walltastic Map of the World Wallpaper Mural - 41851

The Absolute Best!

This is the absolute best world map design! The colors are wonderfully toned, the details (animals, buildings, transportation means...) are excellent. Also, the "mountains, woods, deserts.." are featured very vividly and easy to imagine. Also, the little notes where you can write the country/city names are a great idea. Honestly, whoever buys this will not regret it. My congratulations to the designer, this is the absolute best graphic solution, usable for both small kids and teenagers, giving out lots of information, but not clustered, amazing. The quality of the paper/ink is also great. Wonderful!

Anaglypta Armadillo Wallpaper - Blackbird RD5007

Half Price Of My Local Suppliers!

Brilliant up info and service as well as nearly half price of my local suppliers! Thanks

Wallrock Fibreliner 150 - 100 Double

Restoration Of Listed House

Used fibreliner on stabilized old plaster walls before papering with exspensive hand blocked paper.saved the client literally thousands of pounds and myself months of extra work

Anaglypta Original Wallpaper - Arundel RD100

Fantastic Service

After having a leak in the bathroom affecting the dining room ceiling we have been unable to obtain the Anaglypta wallpaper to renew part of the ceiling until I found your advertisement on line.Thanks to your supply of original wallpaper we have been able to redo the ceiling the service was excellent

Muriva Dazzle Stripe Black & Silver Wallpaper 121201


Excellent quality wallpaper excellent price excellent service

Anaglypta Armadillo Contract Wallpaper - Dunlin RD5010

40% Cheaper Than Buying It Local

The paper I bought from your site was over 40% cheaper than buying it from my local Trade Decorating Centre. Add to this the fact that I ordered it on a Sunday and it was delivered to my House the following Tuesday then you can see why I have given you 5 ratings in all categories. Thank you for your excellant service. I will definitely shop with you again and recommend you to others.

Anaglypta Dado Panel Wallpaper - Rococo RD06730

40% Cheaper Than Buying It Local

The paper I bought from your site was over 40% cheaper than buying it from my local Trade Decorating Centre. Add to this the fact that I ordered it on a Sunday and it was delivered to my House the following Tuesday then you can see why I have given you 5 ratings in all categories. Thank you for your excellent service. I will definitely shop with you again and recommend you to others.

Fine Decor Slate Wallpaper in Natural Grey Silver - FD31291

Excellent Service Great Product

Excellent service great product , lovely wallpaper

Erfurt Mav Naturboss Embossed - Tulip Tree 233

Very Pleased With The Paper, Tasteful Design

Very pleased with the paper, tasteful design and good quality which made it easy to hang. Much better than the two major DIY shops in town as I could not find a suitable design there, or any Eco friendly paper. From you I got a tasteful design, Eco friendly paper which was good quality and cheaper, even with postage. I am very likely to use you again for wallpaper. Thank You

Anaglypta Luxury Textured Vinyl Wallpaper - Amber RD838

Excellent Product

Excellent service; good information after order, brilliant next day delivery, good products. Would highly recommend and use again for all wallpaper needs

Debona Puccini Black & White Wallpaper 5568

First Time Customer

As a first time customer I couldn't be happier. I was really impressed with the quality of this wallpaper and delivery speed is brilliant. I would definately recommend.

Wallrock Premium 200 - 55 Single

Quick Delivery And Great Advice

Thanks Andy for being so helpful and getting my wallpaper delivered for Saturday when we needed it !

Anaglypta Armadillo Wallpaper - Papyrus RD5000

Great Delivery

Products arrived pre 12 next day, fantastic.

Fine Decor Rustic Brick Wallpaper in Black, Grey and Silver - FD31284


Love it, and looks great on the wall. I have told all my friends about it,and son loves it!!! and cheaper than B&Q!!!

Muriva Dazzle Stripe Black & Gold Wallpaper 121204

Wall Paper Is Fabulous

What a great service from go wallpaper...very speedy delivery and no hassle...the wall paper was nearly 1/2 the price than in b&q which is excellent ...well done and I will be back when another room needs done

Muriva Hollywood Black & White Wallpaper 102513

Execellet Quality Or Paper

Excellent quality of paper, even though it was not expensive. delivery was super quick ,thanks

Wallrock Fibreliner 150 - 75 Double

Very Pleased With The Service And The Goods

I was very pleased with the service and the goods, will recommend to other people. And I have kept the site in my favourite column. Thanks again to every one involved. John

Anaglypta Luxury Textured Vinyl Wallpaper - Folded Paper RD80028

Contemporary Look

Ilove the more modern look of this paper. looks even better after its painted. in fact i intend to use it in a second room .

Anaglypta Original Wallpaper - Salisbury RD353

Execellent Service

Many thanks. Wallpaper delivered this morning. Excellent service. Reasonable prices. I shall recommend you.

Anaglypta Luxury Textured Vinyl Wallpaper - Heaton RD4012

Great Site, Fast Delivery

Great site, good product, very fast delivery, would use again, Thank You

Wallrock Fibreliner 150 - 55 Single

Quality Product

A quality product that was a joy to use and provided an excellent finish. Used over sappor latex sound proofing liner. Would fully recommend.

Anaglypta Supaglypta Wallpaper - Richard RD0108

Excellent Customer Service

Had a query and had an online discussion with Nigel, excellent customer service answered my query courteously and quickly. Will definitely use GoWallpaper again.

Muriva Diamonds Black & Pink Wallpaper 102517

Bedroom Feature Wall

Used this for a feature wall in my teen daughters room. Looks good when finished. Just need to be careful not to get paste on the front of the paper and also don't let it soak for too long because it becomes too supple and will tear easily. If you get any scuff marks as you do with most black paper, just use a watercolour pencil to fill in. Looks great with other walls painted hot pink.

Erfurt Mav Naturrock Embossed - Lalaki 4562

Good Quality Paper

Nice paper and a very heavy quality cant beat it at the price

Wallrock Fibreliner 150 - 55 Double

This Stuff Is Amazing

This stuff is amazing - and so is the Go Wallpaper service. It arrived less than 24 hours after I placed my order and was very well packaged - no chance of damaged edges. The thermal liner makes a noticeable different to a previously very cold solid wall. The Fibreliner is a dream to apply. Excellent in every respect - thank you.

Anaglypta Original Wallpaper - Dryden RD335

Paintable Wallpaper

Ordered on Sunday evening and delivered on Tuesday at 1.30pm...good service,highly recommended.

Anaglypta Pro Wallpaper - Herringbone RD80103

Excellent Service

Thank you very much , received my wallpaper on time. Thanks again, excellent service.

Wallrock Fibreliner 150 - 75 Double


I've read your glowing reviews and think it is only right to add to them. What a service! What efficiency! Arrived today. Beautifully packaged. Thank you so much!

Anaglypta Luxury Textured Vinyl Wallpaper - Amber RD838


Great service no problem supply. Will use your online store again. Recommended to everyone. Many thanks.

Anaglypta Supaglypta Wallpaper - Richard RD0108

Great Product

Wallpaper received next day as promised and well packaged,Cheapest price i could find online for this paper many thanks.

Anaglypta Armadillo Wallpaper - Swan RD5006

Best Prices

Delivery to Offshore Scotland on the third working day, at half the price of a local supplier. How do you do it?

Wallrock Fibreliner 150 - 100 Double

Excellent Product

Excellent product created the look of a replastered wall in our bungalow. Painted over beautifully and also wallpapered over to make a feature wall. Excellent adhesive. Professional decorator/designer recommended the product; we have now reordered for another room and are going to do it ourselves - excellent staff too!

Wallrock Fibreliner 150 - 100 Double

Sublimely Good

I expected Wallrock range to be 'good'. I did not realise how sublimely good they are. The point I would most stress is that they work not just to keep out the cold, but they retain all that precious expensive heat INSIDE the house. An unbelievably good solution to the horrible problems with non-cavity engineering brick construction of end terrace houses. Don't look for Government help - there is none available. Just contact Nigel at Go Wallpaper and FOLLOW THE ADVICE to the letter. An extra bonus is the superb quality 'finish' to any wall given by the use of the Wallrock Fibreliner - no plasterer living could achieve anything like so good!

Wallrock Fibreliner 150 - 100 Double


I have just finished decorating a bedroom & I am already seeing the benefits of using the KV600 Thermal Liner with the Wallrock Fibreliner on top. The service & advice received from Nigel was first rate and I have recommended the products to a number of friends. I am now consider using the thermal liner in others rooms. The Olfa cutting tool was fantastic when cutting the thermal paper. A big thank you to Nigel.

Wallrock Fibreliner Plus 180 - 55 Double


After an astronomical quote for replastering my hall, stairs and landing I decided to try this paper for a smooth finish. I'm delighted with the result. Using the wallrock paste I found it easy to hang and I'm no professional. (Originally Posted 4th November 2012)

Wallrock Fibreliner 150 - 75 Double

Best Product & Service Ever

What a fantastic service Nigel provides. Answered loads of my questions. When I phoned out of hours still texted me to ask if he could call back during opening hours. Had a friend put up the paper and he said how easy it was although it does take longer than conventional paper. When I ran out of the thermal liner due to a miscalculation on my part, I phoned and it arrived next day. Cant wait for the cold weather to see how well it works on my icy walls. Will certainly be recommending gowallpaper to all my friends and family. In fact gowallpaper was a recommendation from my aunt.

Debona Stripe Red, Black & Silver Wallpaper 30296

Excellent Value For Money

Fantastic customer service, Nigel was very helpful! Really pleased with the wallpaper, went up lovely and excellent value for money. Would definitely buy from Go Wallpaper again and have no hesitation in recommending. Thanks! (Originally Posted 6th May 2012)

Debona Masai Zebra Print White & Black Wallpaper 6161

Fab Paper

This is fab paper brill to put up and looks great. (Originally Posted 6th June 2012)

Walltastic Transformers Age of Extinction Wallpaper Mural - 42834

Speedy Delivery

Very speedy delivery - simple purchase process via Paypal, hope I can put the Mural up as easy, lol! One very happy mum and little boy - Thanks go wallpaper (Originally Posted 10th June 2012)

Debona Graffiti Red, Black & Grey Wallpaper 6392

Excellent Wallpaper

This wallpaper is excellent, i brought it for my sons room, fast delivery and went on the wall lovely. The background is more white than creamy white but overall very satisfied with this paper. (Originally Posted 22nd March 2012)

Wallrock Texture - Hackthorn 0806

Best Paper I Have Ever Used

This is the BEST textured paper I have ever used. Being able to paste the wall made hanging this paper a joy. I am no expert but I am so pleased with the result. Would I recommend this product? Yes Yes Yes! (Originally Posted 20th August 2011)

Wallrock Texture - Boston 4300

Over The Moon

First time that I have used Wallrock, and I am very pleased with the excellent strong base that it gives for painting. Found pasting the wall more difficult than pasting the paper. Used Wallrock power adhesive which is excellent for Wallrock and other papers and vinyls. (Originally Posted 10th December 2010)

Wallrock Fibreliner 150 - 75 Double

Lovely Finish

Thanks to Nigel responding to my inquiries, I bought Wallrock KV600 & Wallrock Fibreliner. The decorators put the paper up over two days. They had never used this before but they did a great job & were pleasantly surprised with the ease of application. Top marks to you, Nigel. I shall, however, write again when the weather turns cold to advise how well - or not - the insulation properties work. I am looking forward to a toasty room - 3 metre high ceilng & facing the ocean - when the first November gale comes thru. Victorian flats with external walls are nearly impossible to insulate. I look forward to using the product in many more applications. Thanks again for your help. (Originally Posted 4th June 2012)

Wallrock Fibreliner 150 - 75 Double

Highly Recommended

No idea why I hadn't used this paper before but its by far the best lining paper I have ever hung! Highly recommended. (Originally Posted 21st March 2012)

Wallrock Fibreliner 150 - 75 Double


Nothing was too much trouble and Nigel gave advice and help when I needed it. Have used this great product in a Park Home to insulate outside walls the results are Fab and would recommend it to anyone living in a Park Home to keep warm and cosy saving the need to strip off wall boards and re insulate that way. I think go wallpaper is very good and recommend Nigel thousand fold. (Originally Posted 19th March 2012)

Wallrock Fibreliner 150 - 75 Double

Amazing Product

This is the best lining paper that I have ever used ! Thanks for an amazing product. Pasting the wall is so much easier than pasting the paper and there is absolutely no bubbling or creasing after hanging. Also, it doesn't tear and can be cut very cleanly with a sharp Stanley Knife. Well done !! (Originally Posted 25th July 2011)

Wallrock Fibreliner 150 - 75 Double

Recommend Using Wallrock

I also used wallrock 75 on an old stud wall, it gives a great finish. I will be using more of your product in my hallway which has the same problem cold/damp in the winter due to it being an end terrace with solid walls. (Originally Posted 8th august 2010)

Wallrock Fibreliner 150 - 75 Double


Just finished my small bedroom using thermal liner and insulated lining and wallrock 75, i'm not a great diy-er but it went very well, nice stuff to use and a great finish. I nearly didn't use the Wallrock and was going to paint straight onto the thermal but I'm glad i did, looks really good with a matt paint. I'll let you know in the winter if the cold/damp comes back. Thanks for your help (Originally Posted 8th August 2010)

Wallrock Fibreliner 150 - 55 Single

Great Service

Thanks for such a great service. Wallpaper is great too! (Originally Posted 11th January 2012)

Wallrock Fibreliner 150 - 55 Double


Really pleased with the lining paper and the ease of putting it up. Has helped to smooth out the walls and was ready to paint on top in no time. Highly recommend. (Originally Posted 5th April 2012)

Wallrock Fibreliner 150 - 55 Double


Nothing was too much trouble and Nigel gave advice and help when I needed it. Have used this great product in a Park Home to insulate outside walls the results are Fab and would recommend it to anyone living in a Park Home to keep warm and cosy saving the need to strip off wall boards and re insulate that way. I think go wallpaper is very good and recommend Nigel thousand fold. (Originally Posted 19th March 2012)

Wallrock Fibreliner 150 - 100 Double


Thanks for such a great service. Wallpaper is great too! (Originally Posted 11th January 2012)

Wallrock Fibreliner Plus 180 - 100 Double


I've used the Fibreliner Plus for my Ceilings & Walls and it looks brilliant easy to put on, doesn't tear and lovely finish. (Originally Posted 28th March 2012)

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