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Wallrock Thermal Liner

Wallrock Thermal Liner

A clever way to insulate your home, Wallrock Thermal Liner. With a special design to keep rooms warm for longer and help cut the cost of energy bills. As well as warming up a room quicker, it also offers soundproofing. A superb natural thermal liner making a welcome addition to your home.

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Wallrock Thermal Liner

Erfurt Mav have designed a clever way for you to insulate your home without the need for expensive procedures. The aptly named Wallrock Thermal Liner range is specially designed to offer you the chance to keep rooms warmed for longer, whilst cutting the cost of your energy bills.

Wallrock Thermal Liner not only increases the time it takes to warm up a room, iit also helps to retain heat, keeping your home warmer for longer. A great way to save energy, the thermal liner range also offers sound proofing qualities, making your home quieter too.

A natural liner, helping your room to breathe, the Wallrock Thermal Liner range will make a welcome addition to any home.

Browse the range now to find the perfect thermal liner for your home.