Dust Sheets

Whether you are wallpapering, painting or just doing a little DIY fix, don’t forget your dust sheets for decorating. We have chosen a select range of professional dust sheets which are easy to use and are heavy duty enough to catch all the mess.

There’s no doubt that decorating can be one of the messiest jobs you do in your home. Whether re-wallpapering, painting or a touch of DIY, there’s bound to be dust and other debris everywhere.  However, cleaning up can be made super easy if you just put a little time into the preparation of your home decorating project. 

We supply a range of dust sheets which are specially designed with decorating in mind. Light to the touch, they are easy to use to cover carpets, flooring and furniture yet heavy duty enough to catch all the dust and other materials that can fall when redecorating.

Our decorators dust sheets are of professional quality and can be used in any situation. Browse our range to find the right size for your needs.