Fillers & Caulks

Decorators filler, also known as decorating caulk is a clever solution designed to fill in those annoying gaps that decorating can leave, providing a perfect finish. Take a look at our easy to use fillers and caulks.

There is a little trick that professional decorators use to get that flawless, immaculate finish – decorators filler. Decorating filler, also known as decorators caulk is a clever product which is designed to fill all those irritating gaps that decorating often leaves.

Gaps can occur for all sorts of reasons and typically where wallpaper meets cornices, architrave, skirting boards, tiles, the floor or any other surface. Rarely are walls square and however hard you try, it’s virtually impossible to get a clean finish.

Decorating filler or caulk is perfect for covering those gaps, leaving a perfect finish that completes any room. Check out our extensive range of decorators filler and caulk to find the right one for your needs.