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Zinsser Paper Tiger - Triple Head

Zinsser Paper Tiger - Triple Head

Product code: ZN02976

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Product specifications

Made From High quality palstic, Easy grip handle
Quality: Professional
Features: Patented Scoring Wheels, Automatic Depth Control
For use on: Effective on all Wallpaper

Product description

When You Need the Best Wallpaper Scorer Choose Zinsser’s Paper Tiger

The Zinsser Paper Tiger - Triple Head has been specially designed to make removing wallpaper a breeze. This innovative tool has a unique design which features three hardened steel cutting blades which easily glide across your walls to score them. The ergonomically designed tool makes it easy to run over your walls in circular motions in any direction, perforating the wallpaper ready for application of Zinsser’s revolutionary wallpaper removing gels and liquids.

Thanks to the Zinsser Paper Tiger - Triple Head, scoring wallpaper has never been safer, faster or easier, allowing you to score an entire room in minutes. As the Paper Tiger follows the contour of the walls, it won’t damage walls whilst its superior design ensures that it won’t rust, corrode or wear out, making it a welcome addition to your decorating tool kit.


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