Ready Mixed Wallpaper Paste

A carefully selected range of ready mixed wallpaper pastes. Ready mixed wallpaper adhesives with the exact quantities to apply to wallpaper or lining paper. Perfect for most home decorating jobs and ready to use with no fuss or mess.

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At Go Wallpaper UK, we pride ourselves on offering everything you need to revamp and redecorate your home. As well as a comprehensive selection of lining paper and wallpaper, we also offer a wide range of wallpaper adhesives.

For added convenience when decorating, our selection of ready mixed wallpaper pastes are perfect for most home decorating jobs. Already combining exact quantities of adhesive powder and water, these ready mixed pastes take the guess work out of getting the right consistency. Ready to use, straight from the container, ready mixed wallpaper adhesive is the easiest way to apply wallpaper or lining paper whether you prefer pasting the wall or the paper.

Browse our extensive range of ready mixed wallpaper adhesive to find the perfect one for your project.