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Foundations Wallpaper Collection

Foundations Wallpaper Collection

Take a look at our Anaglypta Foundations Wallpaper Collection renowned for high quality and thermal lining properties. Specially designed and offering great benefits, the Anaglypta Foundations range is a perfect place to start with any home decor project.

Set Descending Direction

The Anaglypta brand name is synonymous with high quality, timeless wall coverings so it makes sense that the Anaglypta brand has diversified into lining papers too. Offering a comprehensive range of standard and thermal lining papers, the Anaglypta Foundations range is the perfect place to start any home decorating project.

The Anaglypta Foundations range includes Wallrock Thermal Liner and its affordable counterpart KV600, both of which are specially designed to offer faster room warm up times and help retain the heat for substantial energy savings.

Pearl ground and silk ground lining papers, also known as Wallrock Fibreliner and Wallrock Premium, are perfect for those wanting smooth, even walls and not necessarily looking for thermal insulation Offering a fabulous base layer, ideal for painting or wallpapering over, Anaglypta’s lining papers will make a welcome addition to any home.