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Take a look at our Anaglypta Lining Paper Collection. Perfect for using under any wallpaper including Anaglypta. Designed to give a highly professional finish, smoothing walls and hiding minor imperfections. Perfect for any home decor project.

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Anaglypta have been producing high quality, textured wallpapers for over 125 years. Now, Anaglypta have expanded into offering lining papers which are just as discerning as their other wallpaper designs.

Designed for a highly professional finish, Anaglypta Lining Paper can be used as a base on any wall or ceiling, covering cracks, dents, pits and other minor imperfections. Smoothing walls for a more professional finish, Anaglypta’s lining paper collection includes a variety of grades depending on your preference.

Perfect for using under Anaglypta wallpaper or any other wallpaper and even suitable for painting over, the possibilities for your home décor projects are endless.

Browse the Anaglypta Lining Paper collection to find the perfect choice for your home.