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Colour Luxe Wallpaper Collection

Colour Luxe Wallpaper Collection

Add colour, style and a touch of glamour to your walls this season with the beautiful Colour Luxe Wallpaper Collection from designer wallpaper brand Arthouse. This exquisite wallpaper collection features a stunning range of patterned wallpaper designs with a modern twist and coordinating plain designs. A great choice for any home décor project this season.

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You can count on designer wallpaper brand Arthouse to create a range of stunning plain and patterned wallpaper designs that will breathe life into any living space. The exquisite Colour Luxe Wallpaper Collection combines modern styling with retro and period inspired designs to create a fresh, new look that will make a welcome addition to your walls.

The Colour Luxe Wallpaper Collection features a range of beautifully patterned designs including geometric and hexagonal prints, feather and leaf inspired designs. Each comes in a great choice of contemporary colour schemes from rich plums to vibrant teals and eye-catching oranges. Many of the designs feature a metallic finish to ensure a stunning look that oozes style.

Along with the eclectic range of patterned wallpaper designs, the Colour Luxe Wallpaper Collection from Arthouse also features a series of plain coordinating designs, allowing you to mix and match styles to create your desired look.

Browse the full Colour Luxe Wallpaper Collection to find the perfect look for your home this season and beyond.