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Glitter Wallpaper Collection

Arthouse are renowned for their outstanding, unique wallpaper designs and we are pleased to offer you the latest collection, Arthouse Glitter Collection. The Arthouse Glitter Collection offers great ways to add mesmorising scenes throughout your home this season and beyond. The designs come in a range of magical colour palettes and can be mixed and matched throughout your home for an enchanting finish.

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The beautiful Glitter Collection by the leading wallpaper designers, Arthouse, offers elegance and grace to your home this season. The exquisite collection features a range of designs featuring tantalising sky scenes, unicorn kingdoms and classic floral prints. We are sure you will find a design to add a touch of magic to your home this season and beyond.

The Arthouse Glitter Collection contains a range of soothing colour schemes all featuring a raised gel glitter for a luxurious finish. Each variation is brought to life with its realistic, intricate details which promise to be the centre of attention throughout your home. Popular colour palettes, including grey and silver, offer a sensational, stylish edge to these unique designs.

These enchanting wallpaper designs are ideal for peacefully pleasing feature walls, especially in a living room or bedroom. Mix and match these captivating designs for a magnificently bold look. We are sure you will find a design to suit you from this imaginative collection by Arthouse. Shop the Arthouse Glitter Collection now at Go Wallpaper UK.