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Retro Haus Wallpaper Collection

Retro Haus Wallpaper Collection

The Arthouse Retro Haus Wallpaper Collection celebrates retro inspired designs and colours. Browse the full range and mix and match your favourites to create a custom look.

Set Descending Direction

Arthouse are well known for their stunning, patterned wallpaper designs. Their latest collection, the aptly named Retro Haus Wallpaper Collection, embraces this patterned theme and is perfect for adding colour and character to your walls.

The Retro Haus Wallpaper Collection celebrates some of the most iconic retro wallpaper designs from years gone by and gives them a new lease of life. Designs within the collection range from vintage inspired geometric prints to fun, tree motifs. Each comes in a distinctly retro colour scheme of grey, orange, yellow and teal tones – perfect for brightening up your home.

As well as eye-catching patterned designs, there is a range of coordinating plain designs to complement the look. Mix and match the many styles to create a custom look to be proud off.

Browse the full Retro Haus Wallpaper Collection now.