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Studio Wallpaper Collection

The Arthouse Studio Wallpaper Collection is an out of the ordinary selection of quirky designs that perfectly blend moody and bright colouring to suit all tastes and styles. If you’re looking to make a statement, this is the wallpaper collection for you. A wide variety of distinctive, colourful, vintage and modern wallpapers, features vibrant and neutral paisley flowers, bright and mono abstract prints of brushstrokes and faces, rich botanical prints, and luxurious palm trees.

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Arthouse Studio Wallpaper Collection embraces vibrant hues and striking patterns to complement any home decor taste to add modern sophistication and timeless elegance to transform your wall into a chic work of art.

Designed with utmost creativity, the wallpaper from this collection is a mix and match of traditional prints and modern artsy designs to satisfy the senses. Arthouse Studio Wallpaper Collection is a great decor to transform your wall into a stunning masterpiece.

The wallpaper designs in the Arthouse Studio Wallpaper Collection is sure to add zing to your walls. Bring character to your space that’s intriguing enough to be a conversation starter and won’t leave any heads unturned.

A striking selection of vintage botanical and unique abstract prints, Arthouse Studio Wallpaper Collection offers beautiful artistic creations that are full of zest and character, rich in colours and inky drawings, and dark and light in the setting.

If you’re finding to add a statement to your home, this collection is for you. They’re perfect as a feature wall or suitable for all four walls, opt for any wallpaper design from this collection to complement your interior decor and add character to your space.

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