Home Wallpaper Collection Vol. 1

Barbara’s unique Home Wallpaper Collection embraces pattern and colour. Choose stunning wallpaper designs in a wide range of colour choices to transform any room in your home.

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Barbara is well known in Germany. A popular celebrity, her rise to fame came from acting and singing before she became a household name as a TV presenter. Today Barbara has turned her attention to home décor and in particular to wall coverings.

The aptly named Home Wallpaper Collection by Barbara features all her favourite home décor designs. Drawing inspiration from both Europe and around the world, the collection embraces a unique sense of style. Each design is created to invoke an atmosphere or emotion. Choose a Polynesian wave inspired design for a calming, tranquil feel or choose a more striking dragon motif wallpaper for a flamboyant touch.

The Home Wallpaper Collection embraces pattern and brings each design to life in a fabulous colour scheme with plenty of choice for every room. Browse the full collection to find your favourite.