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Corinthia Wallpaper Collection

The Belgravia Corinthia Collection is fun and smart. It’s a small range, but those who like sophistication that’s out of the ordinary will enjoy the designs. The collection features fine-art style patterns that mix nature and architecture, plus sleek panel designs which bring unique elegance to the home. Stunning artistically-rendered arch and flower designs bring exquisite detail to your space with the crane detail adding unexpected whimsy. For a more subtle elegance, choose from a range of neutral shades in the panel design. The Belgravia Corinthia Collection has something for everyone. 

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Belgravia is a trusted wallpaper brand in the UK and they’ve been creating and supplying UK clients with excellent quality eye-catching designs for over four decades. They have a large variety of unique designs, so you’re sure to find something you love.

All their designs contain a European-inspired elegance. The company leads the UK market, but they’re Italian-owned and their designs are created by a variety of European and British artists, bringing a distinct personality to every single one of their offerings.

The Belgravia Corinthia Collection is fun, original, and beautifully designed. For nature lovers who also appreciate fine art, but want more fun options, these designs are a great choice. The mix of scales used in the arches and flowers are unexpected and the crane detail adds fun to the whole composition.

Those who want a somewhat classic, but fun atmosphere in their home will appreciate the stunning panel designs, available in a range of shades that go from neutrals to bright colours. They’re eye-catching, and just exciting enough to add some character to any space while remaining classy.

The wallpapers in this collection are suitable for every room in your home, other than bathrooms and kitchens. They’re washable, so the maintenance is easy and simple.

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