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Icons Wallpaper Collection

Icons Wallpaper Collection

The Icons Wallpaper Collection offers an eclectic selection of patterned wallpaper designs in an exquisite choice of colour schemes.

Will you choose geometric prints, paisley designs, flamingo vistas or another of the eye-catching designs in this beautiful collection?

Set Descending Direction

The Icons Wallpaper Collection is an eye-catching wallpaper range from Cole & Sons. This striking wallpaper collection is designed with style and colour in mind and features an eclectic mix of patterned wallpaper designs that are sure to give any room a new lease of life.

The Icons Wallpaper Collection includes a wide range of printed wallpaper designs which include flamingo scenes to tropical jungles, floral prints to retro fan designs, and geometric designs to paisley patterns….anything you can imagine. A stunning range of colour schemes offer something for every taste - contemporary charcoal, soft pinks, olive tones, an abundance of greens, iridescent blues and much, much more. Use the designs together or alone for a range of great looks this season.

Browse the full Icons Wallpaper Collection to find your favourite design in a colour you love.