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Alexandra Wallpaper Collection

Alexandra Wallpaper Collection

A stunning selection of textured, floral wallpaper designs are given a fresh look in the beautiful Alexandra Wallpaper Collection from Crown.

Use the designs alone or mix and match print and plain designs for a delightful look in any room.

Set Descending Direction

The Alexandra Wallpaper Collection from Crown gives classic floral wallpaper designs a fresh, new look. This eye-catching wallpaper collection features patterned and plain wallpaper designs for a cohesive look in any room. Simply mix and match the designs to create the desired look.

The collection takes traditional floral patterns and combines them with an exquisite colour palette to create a range of stunning designs including modern colour schemes like burnt orange as well as more traditional colours like Chambray blue and cream.

With textured vinyl finishes, the Alexandra Wallpaper Collection will make a welcome addition to your home.