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The Crown Gallery Collection is original and fun. It’s a small range, but those who want the wall gallery look without all the extra work and cost will enjoy the offerings. The collection features fine-art style paintings in sleek mock frames with metallic details that instantly transform a space. Stunning artistic designs bring beautiful and delicate details into your space. For a contemporary look without extra labour, just choose from the range of pastel shades and completely transform your rooms. 

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Crown Wallpapers was established in 1839 and has spent the past 170 years perfecting their wallpaper designs to offer the perfect range that mixes stylishness and timelessness in their offerings, so you’re sure to find something perfect for your spaces.

Whatever you’re looking for, from florals to metallics, they include all types of different designs to suit all tastes and styles. Crown is one of the oldest wallpaper manufacturers in the UK and they have a catalogue to match.

The Crown Gallery Collection is fun, modern, and delicately designed. For fine art lovers who also appreciate a much easier way to accomplish a gallery wall look and feel, this collection is the best of both worlds. A minimal hand-drawn art style in various shades, mimicking frames, creates a contemporary, artsy feeling in any space.

Those who want a more unusual and unique atmosphere in the home will appreciate the stunning frame designs, available in a range of pastel shades. The minimal and elegant art features in the frames will add some character to any space.

The wallpapers are washable and fit for all social spaces in a home, plus will look equally great in bedrooms with the right type of decor.

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