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Signature Leaf Wallpaper Collection

Signature Leaf Wallpaper Collection

The Crown Signature Leaf Wallpaper Collection is truly inspirational with its traditional leaf print in subtle and effective colours offering style to any room. Beautiful prints inspired by nature and a welcome addition to your home.

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Since 1839, Crown is well known for delivering wallpaper designs that delight. Their latest collection, the Signature Leaf wallpaper collection offers no less in terms of quality, colour and style.

The Crown Signature Leaf wallpaper collection is truly inspirational by using traditional leaf print designs and is sure to make a welcome addition to any home. The collection features all over, repeat motif designs including multiple species of plant, offering character and pattern to any room.

Crown’s unique use of colour, allows the Signature Leaf wallpaper collection to add vibrancy to a room. Browse the full collection to find the perfect combination of design and colour for your needs.