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Embellish Wallpaper Collection

The Design ID Embellish Wallpaper Collection is posh yet casual. It's small range, but those who love classy with a tinge of simplistic will revel in the collection of patterns. It features nature-inspired patterns and neutral but elegant geometric designs for the home. Enchanting tropical forest-inspired designs with intricate designs will surely give joyful life to your space. Sleek and silky patterns of neutral and bold shades are there to satisfy your taste. The Design ID Embellish Wallpaper Collection makes sure it has something for everyone. 

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The Design ID brand is a trusted midrange wallpaper company in the UK. Over the years, they have been supplying residents with unique and beautifully-rendered wallpaper designs that are sure to catch your taste.

Every design offers unique details to soothe everyone’s taste. Whatever you choose, The Design ID surely has them all. Although based in the UK, designers from all over Europe collaborate to bring about new and enticing designs for every collection.

The Design ID has simple, light, and fine designs. Nature lovers can indulge in the forest-inspired patterns that offer a lively and exciting setting. Minimalist designs with effortless and plain patterns as well as geometric designs are there to satisfy everyone’s taste.

Unique colour combinations offer a sophisticated vibe with uncomplicated patterns. From plain vertical lines to subtle and elaborate patterns, silky to textured designs, a unique artsy vibe radiates strongly. The Design ID is out to bring different personalities together.

The wallpaper designs from this collection are guaranteed to beautify every room at home. From the darker spaces to the most lit rooms, there’s a design to fit. You can use them in every space, even those that often get wet.

View the full Design ID Embellish Wallpaper Collection at Go Wallpaper UK, to find the perfect new addition to every room in your home.