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Fabric Touch Wallpaper Collection

The Fabric Touch Wallpaper Collection is a charming set of classic patterns in trendy colours, that bring luxurious gleam and lasting charm to any wall. The collection features a stunning range of fabric-inspired textures, from dramatic palettes to warm tones that will set your mood. Their wide selection of intricate fabric textures look lush and beautiful on walls. From gorgeous floral prints and captivating geometric designs to natural, subtle weave patterns, the Fabric Touch Wallpaper Collection has something to offer everyone. 

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The Fabric Touch Wallpaper Collection has some of the finest options in wall coverings. Each design has a distinctive style, making these designs a statement and not just a wallpaper. Featuring nature-inspired patterns in trendy, earthy tones, this collection is perfect for every home. 

Designed with the utmost detail and creativity, these wallpaper designs range from neutral to bright. The Fabric Touch wallpaper collection includes everything from classic to contemporary, with designs focusing on captivating texture and warm colours. 

The wallpaper designs in the Fabric Touch Wallpaper Collection offer versatility that blends well with any style and design that you need. Be it traditional or modern, pastel or striking, simple or opulent, this wallpaper collection is what you’re looking for. 

A stunning variety of luxury fabric texture effects, in plain or patterns, offers a fun mix of simple and quirky, guaranteed to add depth or character to any space. The interesting combinations of tone and texture give these designs a playful twist.

The wallpaper in this collection caters to any style that you feel. They’re perfect in any part of your home. Being washable, this wallpaper could be perfect in high-moisture areas like the bathroom or kitchen. 

View the full Design ID Fabric Touch Wallpaper Collection at Go Wallpaper UK, to find that special addition to your home’s style and character.