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Wall Fabric Wallpaper Collection

The Design ID Wall Fabric Wallpaper Collection is versatile, offering everything from richly embroidered designs to plain woven effects, to fit any interior style. The collection showcases both minimalist background colours and an array of appealing rich palettes, which add character to your walls. Stitch-like effects of trees and geometric patterns give a stunning 3D look, which gives depth and dimension to any space. From simple patterns to extravagant designs, the Design ID Wall Fabric Wallpaper Collection will surely deliver. 

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Design ID is an established wallpaper manufacturer in the UK. They continuously seek inspiration to offer innovative and elegant designs to fit every home decorating need. The brand is known for their wide collection of culture, fashion, and nature-inspired designs. 

Curated with the best metallic and plain prints, this collection offers an extensive range of beautiful vintage patterns, redefined to fit the modern style of your home. The Design ID team of designers continue to travel the world to create inspiring designs to suit your taste. 

The Design ID Wall Fabric Wallpaper Collection features diverse styles from the old and the new, and a few in between. Intricate embroidered, fabric, and woven detailed patterns are presented in minimalist, rich, and colourful palettes to create pleasing visuals.

Their wide range of designs range from whimsical patterns and nature-inspired designs, to ageless elegance. All are designed to bring about maximum beauty and tranquillity in any space. Their distinctive blends of patterns and colours muster light, comfortable feelings.  

The wallpapers in this collection transform your living space into a personal haven. Fuelled by the Design ID Wall Fabric Wallpaper Collection, you’ll never run out of ideas and styles for any part of your home. 

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