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Wave Wallpaper Collection

Wave Wallpaper Collection

The Direct Wallpapers Wave Wallpaper Collection takes wallpaper to a totally different dimension. A unique wallpaper design with fabulous waves and glamorous glitter effect. A superb blown vinyl texture with sassy class.

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Direct Wallpapers are renowned for their sophistication and colourful stripe wallpaper designs, and their wave wallpaper collection offers a more contemporary take on classic stripe wallpaper.

The Direct Wallpapers Wave Wallpaper collection takes stripe wallpaper and gives it an updated look. The wave designs add a softer look which is sure to make a welcome addition to any room. Their extensive range of wave wallpapers offer something to suit every room from bold, vibrant shades to more subtle combinations and neutral colour palettes.

With glitter accents included for a more glamorous finish, the Direct Wallpapers Wave Glitter Wallpaper collection is well suited for use in a living room, dining room or bedroom.

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