Doric Anderton

If you are looking for Damp Proof Solutions, look no further than Doric Anderton. Providers of specialised products to help tackle against unsightly stains, mould and mildew, and more. The Doric Anderton range offers long lasting solutions at affordable prices.

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We love it when leading brands find brilliant solutions to every day decorating problems - and Doric Anderton do just that. 

Damp walls can be a real problem in both period properties and more modern homes. Leading to unsightly stains, mould, mildew and health problems, it’s imperative that damp walls get treated. Worried about the money? You needn’t be as Anderton’s product range has been designed to offer an affordable yet long-lasting solution.

Anderton Damp Proof Foil Wallpaper is perfect for creating a barrier between damp walls and your interior home décor. When used with Anderton’s foil wallpaper adhesive, you’ve got the perfect solution to your damp problems.