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Aura Wallpaper Collection

The Etten Aura Wallpaper Collection is casual with a hint of sophistication. It’s mid-range, but offers a variety of designs for everyone. The collection features artful styles and patterns, with both simple and neutral designs and intricate styles that beautify the home. Elegant patterns of leaves and subtly patterned layouts with detailed beauty definitely add character to any space. From neutral shades with classy patterns to strong colours with stylish designs, the Etten Aura Wallpaper Collection has them all. 

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Etten is a leading wallpaper brand in the UK. They’ve been a popular choice in the market, offering high-quality, captivating, and unique designs to residents. The brand is revered for their wide assortment of exquisite and eye-catching designs for every taste. 

Whether you’re into contemporary designs or elegant old European styles, you can choose from a variety in this collection. Etten offers new and exciting designs created by their talented designers, who hail from different parts of Europe. This varied style ensures that they cover everyone’s taste. 

The Etten Aura Wallpaper Collection is fine, classy, and charmingly designed. For the minimalist, the neutral shades with laid back and subtle patterns are sure to capture your eyes. Fine-drawn and elaborate pieces are available for those with an eye for elegance. 

Different shades ranging from bold and strong hues to neutral colours make the collection even more unique. These splendid colours bring excitement and character to any space they grace. 

The wallpapers in this collection easily fit any room and theme you can imagine. They’re washable and textured so you have no worries about them getting soaked and ruined. You can easily use them in spaces that often get wet. 

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