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Pulse Wallpaper Collection

Pulse Wallpaper Collection

The Pulse Wallpaper Collection offers an array of beautiful patterned wallpaper styles each finished with metallic glitter highlights. Mix and match the designs to create a custom look that is worthy of any room.

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The Pulse Wallpaper Collection is the latest collection to be released from designer wallpaper brand Fine Décor. This stunning collection is specially designed to give any room a fresh, modern look and is sure to make a welcome addition to your home.

The collection features a range of eye-catching wallpaper designs which range from geometric styles of stars and diamonds to contemporary stripe designs. Each comes in a compact yet beautiful colour scheme of cream, taupe or charcoal and is highlighted by silver or gold glitter highlights for a luxurious finish.

Designed to be used alone or teamed with other designs from within the Pulse Wallpaper Collection, you can create your own looks that will update any room. Mix and match styles to create a custom look to be proud of. Browse the full Pulse Wallpaper Collection to find your favourite glitter wallpaper design.