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Reclaimed Wallpaper Collection

Reclaimed Wallpaper Collection

Specially designed to give a rustic yet fresh, modern look to a room. Fine Decor Reclaimed Wallpaper is a lightly textured and high quality wallpaper. With a brick design, it will make a welcome statement in your home.

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Fine Decor’s Reclaimed Wallpaper collection, also referred to as their Industrial Chic collection is specially designed to celebrate styles, textures and materials from days gone by. This eye-catching collection of wallpaper designs offer something for everyone and is sure to make a welcome addition to any room.

Using designs from vintage mailboxes, old cottage shutters, reclaimed ceiling tiles, expired lino, industrial concrete, tarnished metals, urban bricks, weathered wood and more, this eclectic collection is perfect for adding character to any room.

Along with a range of material inspiration, the colour palette of the Reclaimed Wallpaper section is also inspirational with bygone times. With contemporary greys combined with tarnished silvers, faded blue tones combining neutral colours and other fabulous colour options, there is a great choice within the collection.

Browse the Fine Decor Reclaimed section to find a great new look for your home today.