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A stunning selection of rose gold nomad wallpaper collection designs to add elegance and a touch of opulence to your home this season. Choose from floral designs to beautiful stripes, damask styles to Parisian prints to transform any room with ease.
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Grandeco is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of wallpapers in Belgium and they’re expanding all over Europe. They offer a wide variety of patterns and colours, making sure there’s something for everyone.

Whatever style you prefer, they have it all. From elegant and posh designs to neutral and simple ones, their artists, who come from all over Europe, ensure that they never run out of ideas. They bring personality in every pattern they craft, to ensure it’s well-loved in your home.

The Grandeco Nomad Wallpaper Collection is intricate, with beautiful patterns. Nature lovers will delight in the lush leafy and flowery patterns, with subtle elegance in their colours. Various designs in different shades are available for everyone’s taste.

Those who prefer elegance and artistic design will indulge in the elaborately rendered geometric patterns, that come in both light and dark hues. They can be casual and yet sophisticated, and they definitely add a strong and unique character in any space they grace.

The wallpaper designs in this collection fit every room you can think of. They’re also washable, so you don’t have to worry about them getting dirty at any point. You can even place them in rooms that often get wet with no worries of your walls getting ruined.

View the full Grandeco Nomad Collection at Go Wallpaper UK, to find the perfect design for that open space in your home.