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Rowan Wallpaper Collection

Rowan Wallpaper Collection

The Rowan Wallpaper Collection features a beautiful range of patterned and plain glitter wallpaper designs to update the look of any room.

Use the designs alone or together for the desired look – available in a range of colours to transform any space.

Set Descending Direction

The latest addition to the Grandeco wallpaper range is the Rowan Wallpaper Collection. This eye-catching wallpaper collection is inspired by the great outdoors and is sure to make a welcome addition to your home.

The Rowan Wallpaper Collection contains a selection of patterned and plain wallpaper designs which can be used alone or together to create a range of different looks. The stunning leaf print designs offer a contemporary, chic look whilst the plain glitter designs complement them beautifully.

An exciting yet on-trend colour palette brings the whole collection to life.

Browse the Rowan Wallpaper Collection to find your favourite design today.