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2021 Wallpaper Collection

Be inspired by the artistic wallpaper designs from Holden’s 2021 Wallpaper Collection. The collection offers a range of captivating patterns in a choice of gorgeous colours, enabling you to find the perfect match for your stylish decor. Available at Go Wallpaper UK.

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Display your talent for eclectic décor with the 2021 Wallpaper Collection by Holden. These trendy wallpaper designs bring style and sophistication to your walls in beautiful colours that set the mood you desire for your home.

Add light to your rooms with options in natural shades, pale pinks and white, with touches of sparkle here and there. Or go for a brilliant green or burnt orange that warms your space and enhances the energy in your home.

The abstract faces are sheer delight on your walls, keeping you captivated with the talented artwork and sheer simplicity. Or go for the asik designs, bringing geometric order to your walls while soft hexagonal shapes in the background create gorgeous shadows of colour and exquisite beauty. For something modern and vibrant consider the toucan birds in their tropical leafy domains, in a choice of colours that ensure a match in any environment.

Holden are designers of the best in traditional and contemporary wallpaper designs, embracing up to date technology and high manufacturing standards. Add class and beauty to your walls with the inspirational 2021 Wallpaper Collection by Holden, available now at Go Wallpaper.