Geometric - Bird & Butterfly

Geometric and Panel glasshouse wallpaper collection is perfect for adding colour and pattern to a room. Cleverly designed and impressive to look at, our collection of Geometric glasshouse glasshouse wallpaper collection collection are guaranteed to make a statement in your home.
Offering nature and elegance, take a look at our beautiful Birds and butterflies glasshouse wallpaper collection Collection. Stunning designs in equally stunning colours to inspire anyone. Bird and Butterfly glasshouse wallpaper collection has an air of sophistication about it and offers a great way to add life to your walls.
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Holden Décor’s passion for beautiful wallpaper design is brought to life in the new Glasshouse Wallpaper Collection. This delightful wallpaper collection embraces modern wallpaper designs and is specially designed to transform any room.

The Glasshouse Wallpaper Collection features an eclectic mix of designs from geometric prints to tropical floral designs, landscapes to safari animals – every genre is catered for and every taste met. Not only are the stunning designs given a fabulous finish thanks to a comprehensive colour selection but many of the designs are also infused with shiny finishes or metallic highlights for a luxurious look.

Browse the full Glasshouse Wallpaper Collection to find your favourite design for the living room, bedroom or elsewhere this season.