Medina Wallpaper Collection

The Medina Wallpaper Collection offers clean geometric prints in soft colour or beautiful stylised Mediterranean medina homes in deep tones and superb detail. For the kids, a collection of jungle animals amidst brilliantly coloured leaves. Available at Go Wallpaper UK.

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For the latest in design and colour on your walls look no further than the 2022 Medina Wallpaper Collection by Holden Décor. Holden offers a large range of premium quality wallpaper that leaves you spoiled for choice.

Introduce art to your children at a young age with the intriguing Animal Kingdom prints on their walls in brilliant hues of pink, blue or green. The option in neutral is just as vivid and exciting and gives you scope to add different colour to your child’s play area.

More intrigue awaits with the stylised Mediterranean Medina homes in superb colour combinations of pink and yellow, navy and red, orange and teal, or natural green. These neatly stacked houses boast stairways and arches, tiled facades and balconies with exceptional attention to detail, creating a mood of rich culture in your stylish home.

If it’s a cool, sophisticated look you are after, the geometric shapes in soft colour combined with thin linear arches offers a neat and efficient solution to your décor needs, suitable for adding light and interest to home offices, bedrooms and living rooms.

These captivating wallpapers are available now at Go Wallpaper UK, offering outstanding quality and eye-catching beauty in your perfect home