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Looking for Bedroom room rainforest wallpaper collection ideas? From casual to formal Bedroom room rainforest wallpaper collection, create the right atmosphere in your Bedroom room with our carefully selected patterns and designs.
This rainforest wallpaper collection is made from paper where the paste is applied to the back of the rainforest wallpaper collection before hanging as it requires soak time, which is a way to activate the paste while letting the paper rest before hanging the strip, to achieve an easier hanging use ready mixed adhesive
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Holden is a trusted wallpaper brand in the UK, and they’ve been creating and supplying UK residents with excellent quality, smart, unique designs for more than 4 decades. They have a large variety of exclusive designs, so there’s something for everyone.


No matter what style you choose, all the designs feature unparalleled elegance. The company is a UK market leader with a UK-based studio. Their designs are created by British artists in Darwen, England, bringing a distinct British touch to every wallpaper they offer.


The Holden Decor Rainforest Collection is airy, delicate, and carefully designed. For nature lovers who also appreciate fine art, their leaf designs offer the best of both these worlds. A line-art style in various shades, with a touch of metallic texture, creates a contemporary, artsy feeling.


Those who want a more sophisticated atmosphere in the home will appreciate the stunning patina designs, available in a range of neutral shades. They’re simple but eye-catching, and perfect to add some character and literal sparkle to any space. For a cozy look and texture, there’s the linen options, as well.


The wallpapers in this collection are suitable for every room in your home or office. They’re washable, so you can paper rooms like bathrooms and kitchens with them with just as much confidence as any other room. 


Explore the Holden Decor Rainforest Collection at Go Wallpaper UK to find the perfect design for your spaces.