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Welcome to our wonderful Lincrusta Collection. Take a look around and you will see luxurious Lincrusta wall coverings, dado panels, Lincrusta friezes and borders, even Lincrusta glue. These are exquisite designs to add character, colour and perfect styling to your home.

Lincrusta Collection 

The Lincrusta Collection includes an array of beautiful designs of wallpapers which will add elegance and a timeless sense of style to your home this season and beyond. Carefully manufactured today in the same way as over a hundred years ago, sometimes with the same rollers, it’s the perfect way to introduce a classic look into your home.

Choose from the extensive collection of exquisitely designed Lincrusta wallpapers from Edwardian styles to Georgian, Oriental and retro classics – perfect for use throughout a room or to create a feature wall.

With something to suit every taste, browse the Lincrusta collection to find the perfect design for your home.