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Frieze Collection

Frieze Collection

With beautiful patterns, the Lincrusta Friezes offer luxury styling to your home. In a choice of timeless designs, Lincrusta Friezes and Lincrusta borders are easy to apply and are fully paintable. A perfect finish to a room.

Set Descending Direction

For those looking to add a unique sense of style to the home, then the Lincrusta Frieze Wallpaper collection is for you.

Beautiful designs and carefully manufactured using timeless techniques, Lincrusta Friezes offer you a tiny piece of history whether you’re moved by Edwardian, Georgian or Gothic designs. Deep textures and engineered to add character to any wall, a frieze is the perfect way to add a period look to any room.

Easy to apply and fully paintable, Lincrusta Friezes will make a welcome addition to any home, whether you’re looking for a period look or a more modern take. Browse the collection to find the perfect frieze for your home décor project.