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Wallpaper Adhesive Collection

Wallpaper Adhesive Collection

Take a look at the Lincrusta Adhesive or Lincrusta Glue, as it is also known. A perfect solution specially designed and perfect for bonding Lincrusta wallcoverings, dado panels, friezes and Lincrusta borders. Ready mixed, what more can you ask for.

Set Descending Direction

The Lincrusta Collection is full of beautiful wallcoverings from wallpaper to friezes, dado panels and borders. Each exquisitely designed to add character and elegance to your home, you’ll want the look to last. That’s where Lincrusta Glue comes in.

Lincrusta Glue is specially formulated to hold your wallpaper, dado panels, borders and friezes in place for years to come. Ready made up and ready to use, Lincrusta Glue is perfect for bonding your wallcoverings to the wall or ceiling. Not only is it a specialist adhesive, it’s affordable too.

So whatever your home décor project, add Lincrusta Glue to your shopping list for a professional, long lasting finish.