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Wallpaper Collection

Wallpaper Collection

If you are looking for elegance and charm for a room, then take a journey round the Lincrusta Wallpaper Collection. These are truly inspirational wallpaper designs to add texture, character and colour to your home.

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Looking for something elegant or an exquisite design to add character to your home? Then look no further than the Lincrusta Wallpaper collection.

Incorporating a range of Edwardian, Georgian and vintage inspiration and wallpaper designs made in the same way as they were over one hundred years ago. The Lincrusta Wallpaper range is perfect for those wanting to add a period look to their home.

Choose from a great selection of wallcoverings, textured wallpapers, freizes and borders to add character, texture and colour to your home. Browse the range to find the perfect design to suit your tastes and sense of style.