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Wall Primer & Sealer in White
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Wall Primer Sealer
Wall Primer Sealer
  • Absolute Matt Emulsion Paint

    This water-based, environmentally-friendly paint offers a matt, chalky finish and is ideal for use on interior walls in your home.

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  • Intelligent Matt Emulsion Paint

    This child-safe emulsion comes in a versatile matt finish and is has a washable nature making it ideal for high traffic areas.

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  • Intelligent Eggshell Paint

    An innovative, washable paint that resists moisture, staining and general wear and tear for a lasting finish in throughout any room

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  • Intelligent Exterior Eggshell Paint

    Based on the Intelligent Eggshell this outdoor version is perfect for offering a low sheen finish to the outside of your home.

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  • Intelligent Gloss Paint

    A modern version of Traditional Oil Gloss, this clever paint offers a high sheen finish and is quick drying to added convenience.

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  • Flat Oil Eggshell Paint

    A stylish, oil based paint in a popular eggshell finish designed for interior use only. Perfect for transforming kitchen cabinets

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  • Tom's Oil Eggshell Paint

    A traditional style paint with a low sheen finish which is designed to transform woodwork and metalwork outside your home

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  • Traditional Oil Gloss Paint

    A classic paint finish that comes in a high gloss sheen for a luxurious look. Perfect for transforming woodwork inside and out.

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  • Intelligent Primer Undercoat

    Formulated to offer a lasting, high quality finish. Use with other Intelligent Little Greene paint finishes for a great look

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  • Traditional Oil Primer Undercoat

    A dual action, easy to apply and use formulation that offers a professional, smooth finish on woodwork and metalwork

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  • Masonry Paint

    This must-have formulation is specially designed for use on stone, brick and Cementous surfaces for a lasting finish on any wall

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  • Floor Paint

    A revolutionary paint designed for use on floors. Offers a durable finish for a lasting look that can withstand wear and tear

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  • Limewash

    A traditional, breathable paint made from slaked lime for masonry, brick and stone walls and lime plaster – inside and out

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  • Distemper

    This discerning paint is designed to offer a beautiful powdery finish and is perfect for use on older and period properties

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  • Aluminium Wood Primer

    A specially formulated wood primer that is designed to prepare exterior joinery and internal woodwork for a professional finish.

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  • Wall Primer Sealer

    A dual action formulation specially designed to seal surfaces and prepare for further paint application for a professional finish.

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All paint finishes are specially mixed just for you!

Little Greene pride themselves on offering a wide range of paint finishes that lend themselves to any home décor job you undertake. Little Greene’s revolutionary Wall Primer Sealer is a high-quality, water-based primer that is sure to make a welcome addition to any home décor project.

This easy to use product is dual action working to seal surfaces whilst preparing for the top layer of paint. Best used in conjunction with other Little Greene paints, Wall Primer Sealer is suitable for new, unpainted walls and ceilings for a great look every time.

Wall Primer Sealer is available in a wide range of colours from Little Greene’s extensive colour palette.