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Midbec Design has its roots in Sweden and offers you a wide range of stylish and beautiful artwork on your walls. From simple and effective designs to bright, cheerful florals inspired by traditional Scandinavian art, these wallpapers are bound to inspire you with their sublime colours and fabulous textures. Decorating has reached new levels with these exciting wallpapers to choose from.

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We are pleased to announce the addition of Midbec Design wallpapers to our steadily growing range of wallpaper brands at Go Wallpaper UK. Midbec originated in Sweden and have been in the wallpaper industry since 1974. Their many years of experience can be seen in their attention to detail and quality, and their stylish and often vibrant designs are sure to have you mesmerized.

The Midbec Design range incorporates over 20 collections, from vibrant Scandinavian-inspired florals tor designs with refreshingly simple lines to deep rustic colours, simple botanicals and fabulous art deco designs with a modern twist, the options are breath-taking.

These high-quality wallpapers are available now at Go Wallpaper UK, bringing you inspiration, excellence and beauty in one simple package.