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Midbec Design has its roots in Sweden and offers you a wide range of stylish and beautiful artwork on your walls. From simple and effective designs to bright, cheerful florals inspired by traditional Scandinavian art, these wallpapers are bound to inspire you with their sublime colours and fabulous textures. Decorating has reached new levels with these exciting wallpapers to choose from.

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Midbec have been manufacturing wallpaper in Sweden since 1974, and their experience and dedication to quality is evident in their designs. Their modern version of the art deco fan has been reproduced in clean, simple lines, highlighting the geometric simplicity of the fan shapes. For something less formal, take a look at the Mali dot designs, creating simple beauty with its irregularity and subtle colour effects. Similarly, take a look at the ladder stripe designs with the two colours blending to form a woven effect in unique colours. Take a look at the botanical-inspired trailing leaves and petal motifs create feelings of being in a leafy arbour, and the natural greens and beiges are an easy match with your stylish furnishings. These superb patterns can be paired with one of the Design Wallpaper Collection plain wallpapers to achieve a stunning effect in your rooms.

These beautiful designs by Midbec await your creative input in terms of furnishings, bold colour statements and natural fabrics, transforming your house into a home. Available right now at Go Wallpaper UK.