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2022 Wallpaper Collection

The Muriva 2022 Wallpaper Collection is new and exciting. It’s a small range, but each design has something unique and interesting to it. A nice mix of abstract and nature-patterned, there’s sure to be something that catches your eye.

Choose a lightly textured, plain or geometric design, or something busier and outdoorsy. Just take note that these wallpapers are not suitable for wet rooms! Whatever room you’re looking to wallpaper, you’ll have options in the Muriva 2022 Wallpaper Collection. 

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Muriva is a fairly new wallpaper brand, launching in the UK in 2010. As such, their designs have a very contemporary slant to them, with exciting and unique patterns, textures, and feelings. Muriva’s founders have over 50 years of experience between them in the industry, so they’re well aware of trends, timeless designs, and what people want.

The Muriva 2022 Wallpaper Collection is small, but filled with character. The few designs in this collection are varied and interesting, as well as being just textured enough for it to be a subtle feature on the designs.

Nature is a common but light theme, with a couple of leafy jungle designs and a stunning almost-abstract, rainy window pattern. You’ll also find multiple abstract designs, including an interesting geometric pattern.

Take note that although these wallpapers are washable, they’re not suitable to be placed in wet rooms like bathrooms or kitchens. Splashing could result in ruined wallpaper! Stick to living spaces that are as dry as possible.

Choose your next favourite wallpaper from the Muriva 2022 Wallpaper Collection, available for browsing at Go Wallpaper UK.