Amelia Wallpaper Collection

The Amelia Wallpaper Collection has been cleverly designed to be mixed and matched for a stunning look. This exquisite wallpaper collection combines floral designs, butterfly motifs and metallic accents for a great look in any room. Choose from a beautiful pallet of silver, charcoal, gold and duck egg for a great look.

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The Amelia Wallpaper Collection from Muriva is specially designed to transform your home this season. The collection contains an exciting array of wallpaper designs which are designed to mix and match for a coordinated look in any room.

The Amelia Wallpaper Collection contains floral wallpaper designs as well as butterfly motif designs for a feminine look. Add in a beautiful colour pallet and metallic accents and it’s hard not to love this cleverly designed collection. But there’s more…lot’s more thanks to Muriva’s exquisite use of textured, vinyl, metallic wallpaper designs – in gold, silver, gunmetal and duck egg, the designs are perfectly on-trend!

Browse the Amelia Wallpaper Collection to find your favourite designs and then combine them for added style.