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Art Gallery Wallpaper Collection

Art Gallery Wallpaper Collection

If you are looking for more contemporary inspiration, the Muriva Art Gallery Wallpaper Collection is the one for you. Fabulous designs with huge detail, in a multitude of wonderful colours. Guaranteed to add character to any room.

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Muriva are renowned for their stunning wallpaper collection and the Art Gallery Collection is perhaps the most well-loved. The Muriva Art Gallery Collection contains eye-catching designs which are inspired by cities, and each design is sure to make a welcome addition to any room.

The Art Gallery Wallpaper collection includes designs inspired by London City among others and is perfect for adding character to any room. The unique use of colour ensures that the designs are not overpowering whilst still being away from the neutral colour palette.

Choose Muriva Art Gallery Wallpaper to transform any room. Browse the collection now to find your perfect match.