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Hexagone Wallpaper Collection

Hexagone Wallpaper Collection

The Muriva Hexagone wallpaper collection is all about blocks of colour and shade to produce startling designs which fit both a retro and contemporary decor scheme in the home. Bold colours, pretty pastels, metallics and textured plains all feature in the fun and funky, yet sophisticated collection.

Set Descending Direction

The Muriva Hexagone wallpaper collection focuses on a colourful and dramatic contemporary geometric theme. Whether the triangular and cubed designs and patterns are a 3D optical illusion, shining with metallics, embellished or textured plains, there is an impressive 70s vibe from this range and it’s a collection whose vibrancy adds life to walls anywhere in the home.

Bold, dramatic, colourful and plain - but never boring, the Muriva Hexagone Wallpaper Collection is certainly a sight for sore eyes.