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Metallic Brick Wallpaper Collection

Metallic Brick Wallpaper Collection

The Metallic Brick Wallpaper Collection gives a new lease of life to brick wallpaper. This eye-catching collection uses modern metallic colours to create a stunning range. Available in gold, silver and bronze, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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Brick wallpaper is now a timeless design, available in a wide array of colours and styles from leading wallpaper manufacturers. Muriva have given brick wallpaper a whole new lease of life in their exquisite Metallic Brick Wallpaper Collection.

This stunning wallpaper collection combines brick wallpaper and tile wallpaper trends with high-end styling to create a series of beautiful designs that will amaze and delight. The Metallic Brick Wallpaper Collection contains three stunning styles – gold, silver and bronze, each highlighted with metallic accents for a fashionable finish.

Designed to enhance any room, these elegant designs can be used throughout or as a feature wall for a great look. Browse the Metallic Brick Wallpaper Collection today to find your favourite design and remember that the key this season is to mix and match wallpaper styles for a custom look. Enjoy!