Precious Silks Wallpaper Collection

The Precious Silks Wallpaper Collection from Muriva is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your home this season. Featuring exquisite designs with a great choice of colours and shimmering finishes, it’s a great way to transform any space. Mix and match different styles from the Precious Silks Collection for a fashionable finish.

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Muriva’s Precious Silks Wallpaper Collection is designed to add a touch of luxury and elegance to your home this season and beyond.

Inspired by the natural, shimmering beauty of silks, this exquisite wallpaper collection features a delightful range of designs from plain textured metallic styles to geometric prints, Art Deco inspired delights and much, much more. A combination of glitter accents and metallic colour schemes in timeless and more modern variations ensures that there is something for every room.

Made of heavyweight vinyl, the Precious Silk collection is suitable for use in any room so browse the full collection now to find your favourite design. You don’t have to just pick one as the Precious Silks wallpaper collection by Muriva is designed to look fabulous when mixed and matched.