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Virtual Reality Wallpaper Collection

Virtual Reality Wallpaper Collection

Muriva have excelled with the Muriva Virtual Reality Wallpaper Collection. An apt name featuring an array of designs. One in particular, is the Muriva Dry Stone Wall 3D Effect Wallpaper, a rustic design with fabulous texture. This wallpaper works well in a kitchen or living space.

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Muriva’s creative team have excelled themselves in their latest wallpaper collection. The aptly named Muriva Virtual Reality Wallpaper Collection features a range of beautiful wallpaper designs true to the original versions.

Within the collection are some stand-out designs like the Marble Tiled Effect Wallpaper. This wonderfully textured wallpaper is inspired by authentic marble tiles and offers all the luxury and style as original tiling. It also gives the convenience of easy to hang wallpaper. The Bookshelf Wallpaper offers you a sense of depth of real books but in a space-saving alternative in this striking design from the Virtual Reality Wallpaper Collection.

With a great collection of designs and a rich colour palette, the Muriva Virtual Reality Wallpaper Collection has something to suit every home.