Allow Ohpopsi to introduce sublime art to your walls in bold designs and vibrant colour. Get a wallpaper that resonates in your rooms, inspiring your creative energy and turning your home into a dynamic, happy place. Consider a bright geometric pattern or beautifully illustrated botanicals in striking colour. For something softer, a landscape mural in gorgeous watercolour style may be just what you’re looking for. Don’t forget the kids – Ohpopsi offers hand-drawn animals in various entertaining themes, and pastels for the nursery too. Whatever your requirements, Ohpopsi have you covered.

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Ohpopsi have made it their mission to brighten your home with a host of flamboyant wallpaper options, introducing bright colour and large bold patterns to your walls.

Surround yourself with the beauty and energy of nature with Ohpopsi’s range of beautiful florals and forest scenes, while the children’s range is alive with animals, both cute and interesting. For a touch of fine art on your walls, the murals offer sublime watercolour landscapes and forest canopies.

Satisfy your creative needs by combining vibrant patterns with something plain and elegant in the same colourway, creating a look that is uniquely you. The range of bold geometric patterns, pop art and abstracts turn your house into a haven of beautiful artwork