Simply Stripes Wallpaper Collection

The Ohpopsi Simply Stripes Wallpaper Collection offers a mesmerising set of wallpapers, each celebrating the enduring appeal of the stripe pattern in its own distinctive way. Indulge your imagination and elevate your decor with this collection.

Explore a spectrum of styles, from delicate ticking stripes to eye-catching wide multi-stripes, all expertly crafted to bring depth and character to your walls. Every roll promises to transform your space into a captivating canvas of pattern and colour.

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The Ohpopsi Simply Stripes Wallpaper Collection features a captivating array of stripe designs, each promising to infuse your space with charm and personality. From classic to contemporary, this collection showcases a distinctive interpretation of the timeless stripe pattern.

With designs ranging from ribbon mix stripes to wide, even bands in complimentary colours, this collection offers a variety of styles to suit your taste. Whether you crave a bold statement or a touch of subtle intrigue, we have a wallpaper design to inspire you.

This collection presents a delightful blend of neutral and vibrant hues. Soft linen, calming greens, and earthy tones create a sense of serene elegance, while pops of ink blue, blush, and spice add a touch of playful energy, allowing you to personalise your space.

The flat finish of these wallpapers ensures that the intricate stripe patterns shine through, adding depth and dimension to your walls. Crafted from high-quality, breathable non-woven material, each wallpaper is easy to maintain, guaranteeing long-lasting beauty for your home.

Whether you're creating a calming oasis in your bedroom with soothing neutrals, making a bold statement in your living room with contrasting stripes, or adding a touch of sophistication to your home office with a timeless design, the possibilities are endless with this collection.

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